I proudly hold two degrees, a bachelor’s of Religious Studies and a master’s of Radical Social Theory. I have had the absolute privilege to work in various capacities side-by-side with some of the most amazing grassroots organizations throughout the country, including SAGE Council, Seva Foundation, Healthcare for the Homeless Harm Reduction Center, UNM African American Mentorship Program, Tibetan Aid Project, Oakland Institute, Circle of Life, Rainforest Action Network, Women’s Earth Alliance and San Francisco Women Against Rape.

I bring a wide breadth of experience, ranging from program coordination, PR and communications, grassroots organizing, in-depth research, diversity and anti-oppression, project management, events planning and fundraising. My entrepreneurial spirit has led me to partner with various and diverse start-up ventures, including non-profits, independent consultants, and businesses. I am passionate about pushing the envelope, innovation and paradigm shifting – challenging traditional, stagnant strategies and modes of thinking.

The sum of my educational, activist and professional experiences has provided the foundation for my deep commitment to the larger progressive movement for human rights, gender, race, environmental and socio-economic justice.